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How To Heal With Tone Frequencies


How ionized water benefits Dogs and Cats and other Pets

  Your animals, like dogs and cats, will also experience the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. Like the human body, mammals also prosper from getting better hydration. Antioxidants and minerals in this water provide your pets with nutrients … Continue reading

Rich & Famous Buy Expensive Ionizers

Oxidation-Reduction Potential

  Oxidation-Reduction Potential Most hydrogen in nature is found as hydrogen gas (H2) or as hydrogen ion (H). Hydrogen is one of two natural elements that combine to make water. Hydrogen is not an energy source, but an energy carrier … Continue reading

How to eliminate acid reflux with alkaline diet or ionized water

Eliminate acid reflux with alkaline diet or ionized water Studies have indicated that having acid reflux will not shorten your life expectancy, but it sure can make your life miserable. Heartburn sufferers typically purchase over the counter products such as … Continue reading

How does Acid waste affect your liver

Your Liver   The liver serves 300 different functions–most importantly, removing acid toxins from the blood and making alkaline enzymes for the body. If you have a lot of toxins in your blood, vour liver is constantly being put into … Continue reading

What are the dangers of Acid Waste

Your Heart Your heart pumps an incredible 13,000 quarts of blood a day. If there are toxins in that blood, that puts a huge strain on your heart. Plus acid wastes in your system rob your blood of oxygen, and … Continue reading

Side By Side Comparison SD501 + VelAqua Ionizer Alkaline Systems

If You Can Afford The “Rolls Royce” of Ionizers Great but….. Don’t Be Left Out Anymore!  Velara Has Finally Solved That For You!

Why Hydrate Your Brain With Kangen


How is Your Body Like a Fish Bowl

Register For These Events Now: You will learn how to: Earn Your Enagic SD501 Top Water Ionizer Alkaline Water Machine Purchase a Machine with Bad credit/no credit Qualify for an Enagic SD501 for ZERO Down Zero Interest Build a Lucrative … Continue reading