How ionized water benefits Dogs and Cats and other Pets


Your animals, like dogs and cats, will also experience the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. Like the human body, mammals also prosper from getting better hydration. Antioxidants and minerals in this water provide your pets with nutrients that nourish their coats and bodies. Providing your pets with ionized drinking water will make their coats shinier and healthier. Superior hydration shouldn’t just be available to people but our animal friends as well. Dogs and cats receive numerous health benefits just like people do. Antioxidants fight off free radicals and help your pets maintain a healthy and lustrous coat. Alkaline water also fights disease by conveniently providing nutrients and minerals in your pets’ drinking water while lubricating their joints and helping to prevent loss of mobility due to arthritis. Dog and cat food may not always contain the nutrients your pet needs to live a long and healthy life. Alkaline ionized water helps fill in the gaps in their nutrition and provides extra antioxidants just by drinking water!

Alkaline ionized water is abundant in ionized minerals and antioxidants, which help your pets fight off disease by enabling their cells to absorb nutrients at a greater rates. As your pets grow older, they will benefit from improved nutrient uptake and increased hydration which water ionizers provide. Protect your animals’ health and give them the best drinking water to ensure their long term well-being.

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