Micro-Clustered Water

Velaqua imageSmall molecule clusters have high energy, move quickly, accelerate metabolism and excrete waste material. To get this good water, we recommend a water unit. A water unit can generate ionic drinking  water and acidic beautifying ionic water, while a traditional purifying device can hardly do this.

The effectiveness of drinking from the Velaqua ionic water system:
1. It quenches thirst better than regular water
2. It helps dispel the effects of alcohol
3. Coffee and tea made with this water will taste better than coffee or tea
made with traditional water
4. Dilute alcohol with this water to enjoy a great taste
5. Make powdered milk with this water to give infants calcium
6. Rice cooked with this water will be fragrant and more tasty than rice
cooked with traditional water
7. Make tastier soups with the ionic drinking water
8. Submerge seeds in ionic drinking water to increase the germination percentage
9. Use this water when dying fabrics for brighter and more attractive colors
10. If Chinese ink is prepared with this water, the Chinese ink will be
blacker and brighter.
11. Pets given this water will also reap the benefits of alkaline drinking
water. They will feel more energetic and have sleeker fur or brighter feathers.

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